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Inteligence, efficiency, flexibility

With the very different projects over the past years every worker are not only specialized to single project but is trained to solve and get used to new situations and tasks very good. With a continuous communication between projecting, engineering and workshop potential mistakes in design or manufacturing will be found and solved very quick, long before the machine leaves the plant. In addition the tight collaboration helps to make machines and processes even better. Like our project team our workshop staff identifies themselves with the projects and work with passion on them. In case that our staff is not sufficient, our staff is trained to work as supervisor with the staff of the customer or third parties. In addition we are continuously working with personnel services to fill each work peak before it occurs. We are able to cover a wide range of duties with our staff.

Serial assembly

We are able to adjust our workshop floor any time for small and medium sized series. Our flexible store and working place system allows us to adjust our shop for every machine project. We are also able to store a certain amount of half-finished or finished products. For large series or continuous production scenarios we can give support with building and develop new production locations and the search for fitting suppliers national and international. We can teach new personnel for the new location and give further support for care and optimization of the product.

Machine assembly

The assembly of single machines is a very normal process for us too. It doesn’t matter if it is a smaller device or a complete production line of 30m length. As long as we don’t need floor works and the machine parts are not heavier than 5t, we can fit the complete machine at our plant and do a factory acceptance test with our customer.

Installation at customer plant

We install your machine world wide. We deliver directly to the installation site and our team takes care that your machine is ready for production as fast as possible. Already with the machine development we take care that the machine can be installed as fast and efficient as possible. We teach your operator staff with the use and maintenance of the machine, as long as the machine is developed by PMV. If required one of our staff members will stay on site for a short time to support the machine operators.

Pure working power

If you have a shortage of working power in one of your projects we can support you with our team, too (if capacity is given). We can act under your supervision or we do a complete installation or repair section after a detailed briefing. In some cases we can also support you with repairs in your plant.