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Blank transport
PMV blank transport concept

PMV blank transport modell
  • Connects your creaser cutter(s) with your production machines
    The highly flexible system has many variations. It doesn’t matter if you want to connect one or more creaser cutters to one or more production machines, or if you want to feed by hand and use it as buffer and extend to a higher grade of automation at a later point. The system applies to your actual demands and grows together with you.
  • Test station
    At the test station you can eject a line of blank stacks on demand and do your quality tests. The integration of the line of blank stacks back in the production stream is fully automatic too.
  • Shuttle
    If you use more than one creaser cutter for several production lines is the use of our shuttle system a good solution to distribute the blanks as required. Depending on production speed and type of creaser cutter, 2-4 production lines can be supported by one crease cutter.
  • Buffer conveyors
    The buffer conveyors take care, that the production machines can produce continuously with highest speed without interrupting the material flow. Short production flaws and production failures on the creaser cutter side can be compensated and a order batch change can be done without a stop in the best case.
  • Transfer
    The transfer unit puts the blank stacks continuously in the separator or feeding station of your production machine and does a correction of the stack position at the same time, according to the desired position in your production machine.