PMV Packaging GmbH
Each project 100% mastered
At the beginning of each machine, there is an idea

Some ideas are new and highly original, for older ideas maybe the time was not right yet, some ideas still want to be found. In any case, we bring your idea to reality and deliver some new ideas with it or we will deliver ideas where there is none.

  • We investigate the feasibility of your idea and can support you with the patent process, find legal support, create descriptions, develop cost plans, pre-financing, cost-benefit calculation
  • We develop your product from the first sketches to concept and cost analysis to a final design and documentation
  • We create significant and nice 3D visualisations for internal management presentations or for product announcements and advertising in general
  • We take care for the prototype building and process including documentation up to the final version for small and medium sized series. Each step in tight communication with our customer.
  • We take care for the ongoing product life with ongoing improvements, replacement of retired items, spare part service and if applicable and possible maintenance.

Problems are just the fuel for solutions

Maybe you already have all the machines you need for your production, but there is this one problem that always occurs at this particular machine part, that reduces the productivity, leads to unnecessary down times or is risky for the product quality. We take your problem and make it our problem.

  • We investigate your problem, even if it is not known in detail what is happening and create documentation about it.
  • We develop a solution under your requirements, build and install a prototype and take care of the further development until we have a final solution

We pick up your project at any point

Maybe you have already built a working prototype in your own workshop or laboratory and you are looking for a fitting partner to build your device in a series

  • We optimize your prototype on the technical side as well as on the cost side.
  • We create the documentation independent of if there is documentation at all or the quality of the existing documentation up to this point. In addition we will do a safety risk analysis and a CE certification if applicable.
  • You have already done all of that? We can do just the manufacturing of the machine or just a part of it.
  • We build your series either exclusively for your company worldwide or we take care for selling your product on the free market
  • Even in this case we can take care about your product with continuous improvements, replacement of retired items, spare part service and if applicable and possible maintenance.

Our credo for all machine developments

The technical and economical edge conditions are not to be neglected: The machine must kept simple, easy to assemble and/or maintain, obey all legal obligations, the manufacturing and purchase of all mechanical components must be as cheap as possible without deduction of quality and durability, future variations and modifications have to be considered already in the design phase. All this needs a close collaboration between creator and developer – design and engineering are connected in many points. With us you get it all from one hand. To bring a concept fast, economically and pinpointed to a finished product, we work with powerful hard- and software. With this short termed modifications, variations, special designs and improvements can be done fast. We are continuously working with the latest Autodesk products like i.e. Inventor or AutoCAD, that bring a wide variation of interfaces to other CAD software. We are working with a wide network of partners, suppliers and experts to realize each project perfectly on the engineering part as well as on the finished machine part. We can offer almost every manufacturing method and choose the best method according to the technical requirements as well as according to the size of the series.

Your project in caring hands

Within the last 10 years, we realized projects in each mentioned type and in any size between a few hundred and several million Euro. You have a new challenge for us or want to realize a project with a still different approach than mentioned? Take profit in our experience with knowhow in machinery and projects and give us a call.