PMV Packaging GmbH
Box erector – „U-Box“
Box erector U-Box
  • Perfect addition to our packing machine
    With strong partners we also offer complete transport systems to our or other packing machine, including layout of the complete system, flexible and extendible exactly for your needs. One box erector can support 2-3 packing machines (with the same product)
  • High flexibility
    The machine itself is adjustable for a large scale of box sizes. The precise box shaping of the customer specific products is granted by specific product stamps. The stamps are easy to change and the machine is manually fast adjustable for different products. For very high change frequency of products we can offer a fully automatic adjusting machine in the future.
  • Easy installation
    You only need a power connection (3x400V), pressure air, pre-cut box sleeves, hot melt pellets and the box erector is immediately ready for production.
  • Fast
    Depending on the box size and the connected box transport concept the machine can safely produce at least 25 boxes per minute.
  • Variable magazine
    In our standard version the magazine is filled by hand. The standard magazine lasts, depending on carton thickness (we recommend 2-3mm), at least 15 minutes at maximum speed
  • Interface
    Our modern PLC has an interface to detect fault on the adjacent transport system and to adjust the production speed on demand to produce with the highest efficiency and as gentle as possible for the material and machine.