PMV Packaging GmbH
Our history – forward, upward
PMV Packaging GmbH was founded in the year 2003 by Mr. Peter Geiser as one man business. The company was at first limited to design and development of smaller conveyance project with different customers. Soon the first hired employee followed. With the successful concept the company grew fast and in the year 2005 the division of conveyance for industrial laundry systems was integrated. The scope of services grew as the company did little by little and in a healthy way.
In the year 2003 we developed our Packing machine after customer specification. After a successful prototype, PMV grew the manufacturing and assembly capacity and rolled the machine out globally and customer exclusive. After a short interim in the business park Brachelen, our current plant was already built in 2006. Since then we are realizing prevalent customer exclusive projects in almost any size with our market oriented and healthy growing team. Since the beginning of 2015 the PMV Fördertechnik is an independent company within our group, specialized on conveyance especially for the laundry industry. Today both companies share the same location with separated production sites.
Today PMV Packaging GmbH is a specialist for general machinery, devices and conveyance especially, but not solely, for packaging, pharma and food industry. Currently PMV Packaging GmbH, with his 16 constant employees generates an annual turnover between 4 and 8 Mio. Euro.